Thinking outside the Box
with Ergapolis Institute

A pluri-disciplinary laboratory of innovation and creativity management

What is it ?

A university program in Sustainability! Ergapolis Institute: This is an innovative curriculum implemented across more than 10 different universities, involving students in public administration, city planning, economics, sociology, architecture, design, engineering, etc.

These students work together as multi-functional teams to assist local authorities in designing urban projects with the objective of sustainable development (smart city).

Ergapolis Institute has an international network of academics, currently in France and Morocco, and soon in Singapore/Asia.

How does it work ?

This pluri-disciplinary methodology for project management brings people together for a common goal.

Local authorities, academics or companies, are looking for innovative solutions. They propose a case study, for example:

How to recycle the air conditioning by-products and pollution?

How to become the first country/region that runs on 100% renewable energy?

How to reduce the greenhouse emissions and improve the carbon footprint in my city?

How to improve public health and reduce pollution?

How can we create a new eco-friendly way of thinking in terms of building and construction which encompasses sustainable development and innovation?

A study committee selects the projet and we build pluri-disciplinary teams. This is like a challenge whereby the teams must think outside the box and develop a collective intelligence to resolve issues. This challenge enables young people to build their creativite project thinking, learn to work as a team and deliver tangible results in a short period of time.

For recruiters, students who take part in this challenge provide an excellent pool of able, bright, forward-thinking young professionals.

Let’s look to the Future together ! Join us !

You are a student, academic, company, local or regional authority, etc…. You want to participate in the adventure !

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